Why Castor Oil Is Effective For Dry Eyes

The dry eye syndrome is caused by insufficient hydration of the eyes, which is caused by lack of tear production or poor tear quality (imbalance in its chemical composition).  There are many other possible triggers, such as old age, laser eye surgery, damage to the tear gland, eyelid issues, the wind, or some other medical conditions.  Depending on the cause of the disease, the possible medications and treatments include eyes drops, eye inserts, antibiotics, special contact lenses, etc. If you are suffering from this syndrome, you can also try castor oil for dry eyes.

How is Castor Oil Used?

Castor oil is made out of castor bean. It is a colorless and tasteless liquid which has a weak or no odor at all. The uses of castor oil are numerous and almost too many to list. It is used in the medicine, in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and many manufacturing industries, as a lubricant, biodiesel, in brake fluids, coatings, waxes, perfumes and so on. Castor oil contains ricin, which is a toxic protein. That is why oil extraction is needed to deactivate and denature the protein. Castor oil is also a simple, but a highly efficient home remedy. Castor oil is used as a constipation remedy, and it also has reported antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal benefits. People use castor oil for dry eyes as well, since it soothes irritation and significantly reduces the symptoms of dry eyes.

Why Use Castor Oil for Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes can cause severe damage to the cornea if not treated properly. The most common causes for dry eyes are allergies and insufficient lubrication of the eyes. Insufficient lubrication of the eyes comes about as a result of decreased tear production. Decreased tear production, on the other hand, occurs as a result of old age. Eye specialists will recommend you to use castor oil for dry eyes. You can use commercial eye drops containing castor oil, or you can treat your eyes the “natural way”. How to use and apply the castor oil to reduce the symptoms of dry eyes syndrome? – Easy! Just apply some castor oil on a clean eye-dropper and apply a drop or two in each eye right before you go to bed, three times a day or as many times as it is required.

What are the Benefits of Using Castor Oil for Dry Eyes?

If you have set your mind on using castor oil for dry eyes, you must be aware that castor oil is no cure for your condition. The oil you use must be kept in a cool place, so keep it in the refrigerator. You must also always use a clean eye dropper, and the castor oil can be applied up to three times a day. So what are the benefits? Castor oil provides the much-needed moisture and lubrication. It also reduces the inflammation and calms the irritated eye. The use of castor oil for treatment of dry eyes has a high success rate, so it is highly recommendable. However, keep in mind that you must follow the use instructions very carefully, as you can easily infect the eye if you do not use sterile materials.